Fishing around Bolzano

Pristine water sections & wild trouts


The provincial capital of South Tyrol is surrounded by numerous flowing waters and thus offers unique fishing grounds for adventurous spin and fly fishermans. The high water quality, the mostly natural structure and the breathtaking landscape guarantee a great fishing experience. In the mountain streams, the fish stock is mainly composed of brown trout, rainbow trout, hybrids and marbled trout. The waters are managed by the Bolzano Fishing Association.
Brown Trout

Guiding through mountain streams

  • Torrente Talvera: Is divided into two sections – the upper section has natural structures and makes fishing a bit challenging but rewarding due to the unobstructed bank and loose stones. The canyon scenery and wild trout characterise this spot. The lower area, classed as a fly-only zone, is a little more obstructed and ensures easier movement. In this beautiful scenery, grayling occasionally appear among the brook, rainbow and marbled trout.
  • Rio Ega: Also divided into two sections, the upper stretch offers numerous barrier relays. The well-developed bank fringe allows for effortless fishing. The fly-only zone in the lower river section, on the other hand, has a predominantly pristine structure and makes moving around somewhat difficult. In both river sections, larger catches between 40 and 50cm are not uncommon.
Fly Fishing

Fishing techniques

  • Spinning: a light to ultra-light rod is required here. Casting weights between 5-20g or 1-10g are quite sufficient. Depending on the situation, small plugs or spinners are perfect. Spin fishing is fun and, especially for beginners, the somewhat easier fishing method to start with.
  • Fly Fishing: the supreme discipline in trout fishing is more demanding, but can be learned by anyone. It is the technique of choice when it comes to imitating food that falls on the water.

What is required

  • A state fishing licence type D. It has a validity of 10 years
  • Daily fishing permit of the respective water section
  • Valid document (identity card, driving licence, etc.)
The licence as well as the daily fishing permit is provieded when booking a fishing trip.

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