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Founder & Owner

Born and raised in Bolzano, he has been passionate about fishing since childhood. When he finally started saltwater fishing with artificial lures, he really got hooked. Since then, he prefers to spend his time at the sea, in search of large predatory fish. Since 2020, he has been organising group trips to the Maldives in collaboration with the travel agency WFA Travel.

He finds his balance at his home streams in South Tyrol. Wading for hours through wild waters is yet another passion.



He is a true pioneer who grew up on the sea. As a multiple Italian champion in deep-sea tuna popping, he knows exactly what is important and will bring you quickly and efficiently to the hotspot.

Fun and action are guaranteed with him.



Born and raised in Camisano Vicentino, he started lure fishing for large sea predators at a very early age. Countless fishing trips to tropical waters as well as offshore trips have made him a true expert in this field.

His motto: Always cast!

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